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Our services: premium quality software

App Development

Optimized apps for mobile devices.

XBOX Development

Specialized apps for microsofts entertainment platform.

Web Development

Intuitive and high-performance management applications.

Business Intelligence

Get valuable insights out of your data.

Monitoring & Alarming

Get informed about anomalies in your key metrics.

Dev-Team as a service.

Integration into your agile process

We offer to become part of your existing development team and integrate ourselves in your standups, sprint reviews and plannings. You keep your usual process workflows.

Scalable (wo)manpower

Additional features are to be implemented before the planned release? Your project is behind schedule? We strengthen and support your existing team.

Innovative projects,
boring technology

We bring innovation to the product, not to the technology

Robust, low-maintenance and high-performance software relies on proven technology. Our choice of technology is based on these criteria. That's why we rely on Java, C# and the web as a platform.

Against the hype

With new technologies that have not yet been established to the marketplace, it can quickly happen that the "hype" around a technology gets lost. Updates to a technology become less frequent and developers are harder to find and more costly. By using "proven" tools, the focus is on low-maintenance, sustainable, yet innovative enterprise software solutions.

Dot Net Core


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